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Mn-Fr: 9am - 7pm, St-Sn: 9am - 5pm

Natural Vision Regeneration

We are proud to be one of the few Canadian clinics to focus on the treatment and restoration of degenerative eye diseases.  This form of treatment has been made popular in Europe and the US, with over 10,000 patients receiving this form of treatment for varying eye conditions.  Over 80% of patients notice an improvement in their vision; whether it is seeing more lines on an eye chart, noticing colours/objects become clearer/sharper, or an increase in visual field as monitored by an

Our practitioner, Andrew Lin, has studied extensively in the field of Chinese Medicine Ophthalmology. He has learned several different systems and treatment strategies with many of the leaders in this field around the world. Most recently returning from his advanced intensive studying with internationally renowned Integrative Eye Health Specialist Dr. Andy Rosenfarb.

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We have been successfully treating the following conditions:

It is important to understand that this is not a cure for any of the conditions listed.  For many of these conditions, there is no cure.  This is a form of management that can slow or halt degeneration, and work to retain whatever eyesight is remaining.  However, a number of patients report an increase in their vision following treatment.  How long the increase in vision lasts will depend on factors such as: lifestyle, nutrition, frequency of treatment, eye condition, etc.

After a thorough assessment at our clinic, we will review your specific eye condition, as well as overall health to determine:

  • any lifestyle factors that need to be changed
  • proper nutrition
  • vitamin and mineral recommendations
  • acupuncture treatment frequency and duration
  • what to expect in the future

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