Pain and Injury

Pain and Injury

Pain and injuries can be caused by countless different reasons. Whether caused by sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents or poor ergonomic posture. Your pain can be endlessly chronic or acute and short-lived. Regardless of the nature of the pain, it can greatly reduce your quality of life. Your feeling of pain may be burning, sharp, achy, throbbing, electric or something hard to describe with words. Your pain may be felt all day or only upon specific movement such as raising your arms or walking up the stairs.

There are a number of reasons that causes pain. Including:

      • Trauma
      • Inflammation
      • Impingement of Entrapment of Nerves
      • Infection
      • Repetitive Stress
      • Autoimmune Diseases
      • Chronic Illness

There are generally two types of pain mechanisms; mechanical and systemic. Pain sustained from mechanical reasons may be from spraining your back from lifting heavy weights or getting hit by a car. In such instances, certain muscles groups may become inhibited and stops communicating with the brain effectively.

Pain sustained from systemic inflammation may be caused by underlying conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia or infection.

How can Honor Wellness Help?

In our clinic, we can effectively help you identify the nature of the pain by performing a series of examinations such as functional muscle testing, tongue diagnosis and auricular diagnosis to help you determine whether the pain is caused by systemic or mechanical reasons.

We offer a number of treatments to help you become pain-free safely and without the use of prescription drugs. Treatments such as: