Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical science with a 3000-year-old history. It is one of the most sophisticated clinical systems to treat a multitude of disease and illnesses. To date, there are roughly 3000 Chinese herbs categorized and about 300 of these herbs are most commonly used. The most common herbs are comprised of minerals, plants and animal extracts.

Chinese herbs are always prescribed by a licensed practitioner based on the specific pattern and diagnosis of the individual, and in contrast, a person grabbing generic herbal supplements won’t have the same tailored experience. At Honor Wellness, we offer customized herbal formulations for our patients.

Unlike modern medicine, where medication is usually taken indefinitely as ‘one drug for one symptom’, Chinese herbs focuses on the underlying malfunction to resolve the symptoms and the root cause. Each herbal formulation usually consists of 3 to 15 different herbs.

In the past, Chinese herbs were prescribed in its raw form and the patient was instructed to cook the herbs at home, which can be quite messy and time-consuming. Nowadays, the herbs prescribed at our clinic are all in granule form, which can be conveniently taken just by mixing the herb powder with warm water. Although the taste is not always enjoyable, the effects are tried and true.

Depending on the condition treated it may take a minimum of a week for effects to be observed. Your practitioner will be able to discuss the time length required for your herbal prescription during your visit.